The challenges of choosing the right translation agency
  • 07/03/2023
  • Publitrad
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Translation services have become essential for companies that need to communicate with international clients and partners. However, navigating the language services sector can be difficult. The industry reached a whopping 30 billion € growth in recent years, with over 30,000 language services providers worldwide. So how do you choose the translation company that is the right fit for your business?

Contracting a translation agency can be a daunting task that comes with various challenges. Check out our list of challenges, to know in the future what to look for:

Lack of Responsiveness

One of the biggest challenges that clients may face is the lack of response or delayed responses from a translation agency. We know you have urgent deadlines that require quick and efficient translation, but if the agency is slow to raise to the task, it can cause delays and affect your business’s reputation. It is important to choose a translation agency that values prompt communication and meets deadlines.

Publitrad has a 10-minutes response time policy for any request.

Contact with Multiple Persons:

Although it is not strictly a disruption, having more than one person contact can prove to be a bother in the collaboration with any agency, as it can lead to confusion and chaos. Different individuals add on the risk of providing varying information regarding the project and timelines. Too much variety and chaos ensue. Do you need the hassle? Definitely not.

Publitrad assigns a dedicated project manager to each client, who will manage the translation and interpretation jobs in good time.

Quality Issues

This is probably the most important aspect, the make or break for the quality output: specialist translators. Make sure the translation agency you choose has a proven track of delivering high-quality translations. Keep in mind that low-quality translations cand lead to additional costs as you may need to pay for re-work.

Translators must have a thorough understanding of complex and technical jargon in order to create accurate translations. They have to be an expert in the field and fluent in the target language.

Publitrad has a team of 2000+ language experts specialized in various fields and fluent in 80 languages, out of which in-house: 13 Senior Translators, 11 Junior Translators, 3 Terminologists and 2 Mono-lingual revisers.


They can occur when there is a lack of clarity regarding project requirements and expectations. Being on the same page with your translation agency is paramount to avoid unclarities in the projects. Make sure your brief is as complete and detailed as needed and that your expectations are communicated to the point.

Publitrad has over 10 years of experience and 3500+ projects completed. We rely on our experience in the industry to ask you the right questions, should we have any.

Confidentiality and Security

No matter the form of your documents, you need to be sure the confidentiality and security of your project is top notch. Do not hesitate to ask the translation agency about their security protocols. Your files must be handled with the utmost care and your data protected.

Publitrad applies standardized procedures for the protection of information in the documents you entrust us with, ensuring their complete safety.

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