translations workflow

1. Receiving the client’s request

After the client sends us the translation request, an assigned project manager confirms its receipt within maximum 14 minutes.
translations workflow

2. Analysis of text and requirements

Before sending the estimate of the translation request, we thoroughly evaluate the documents, to ensure that we can meet all the specifications related to the language pair, the translation field and the deadline.
translations workflow

3. Price estimation and timeline construction

As soon as we finish evaluating all the details, we send a customized estimate which includes the solution we recommend, as well as information regarding the suggested deadline and the estimated budget. Before starting the translation, we ensure that you have confirmed this estimate.
translations workflow

4. Identifying and assigning resources

Resource identification and allocation are the basis of a process that falls under the responsibility of the assigned project manager. The project manager selects the qualified translators depending on the document type, identifies and recommends the appropriate glossaries and the use of CAT tools for better quality control.

5. Study, research and translation

The translators are the ones who undertake the next step of the process. Upon receiving all the details regarding the translation project, they perform a thorough research regarding the terminology specific to the type of translation, they follow the terminology requirements of the client, if any, and create a new glossary of terms if necessary. The main objective is to ensure consistency in terms of vocabulary and terminology.

6. Document revision

The next step is a revision of the translated document. The Revision Department is the one that evaluates the level of accuracy of the translation, it ensures that all the terminology specifications have been met and that the entire translation project meets the client’s initial requirements.

7. Document formatting

Finally, we ensure that the layouts of the translated document and of the source are similar.

8. Handing over the translation

Upon finalizing the project, we deliver the document via e-mail, mail or courier service.

9. Receiving feedback

10. Invoicing

We also send the invoice, complying with the mutually agreed conditions.